Basics and Prevention
When: 12th -15th of November 2020

Where: (Studio Eviana, 1236 Trzin) 

Yogis call it “Mula Bandha”, Pilates Trainer say ‚Powerhouse’, in Fascial Training we refer to the myofascial network as the ‚inner trampoline’. Some years ago modern movement science has documented the importance of a healthy tonus regulation of the pelvic floor. Yet conventional training has been mainly focusing on strengthening the muscular layers. Actual Fascia Research highlights the significant role of the collagenous network in the inner pelvis to foster resilient and flexible fibres and therefore  healthy pelvic floor function.

These recent findings  lead to a reorientation in training, which will be less muscular, local and static, but much rather orients towards ecercises which specifically load and strengthen the fascial strructures. Adressing the three dimensional fascial connections into the pelvic floor as well as fostering pelvic  floor power through dynamic, elastic exercises.

Divos’s latest book is recommanded for this training ‚Train your fascia – tone your body’,  Meyer and Meyer


    • Thebony pelvis and the concept of the ‘inner diamond’
    • Thee muscular layers and their fascial oponents to foster a healthy pelvic floor function
    • Actual Nomenclatur, definition and the functional anatomy of the fascial system
    • What is fascia? The components and tasks of the extracellular Matrix
    • Fasciae of the pelvis and the pelvic floor
    • The importance of the fascia endopelvina for continence and inner stabilitiy
    • Fascial connections responsible for subtle hip joints, flexibilty and ease of movement
    • Fascial Features: Force transmission; Storage capacity; Fascia as a sensory organ; Fluid dynamics
  • Connective tissue types: Hypo and Hypermobility and recommendation for training
    • Dysfunction in fascial tonicity and the myofascial pain syndrom
    • The four power principles: sensory refinement, rebound rebound elasticity, fascial release
    • Application of foam rollers, balls and the Fascial Pelvic Floor (FPF) Training  tools
    • Practical exercises for each power principle. Miniflows of each principle
  • Fascial pelvic floor Masterclass in concept and application

This course is an invitation to all health practitoners, movement teachers, physiotherapists, Fitness coaches who would like to learn more about Fascia and the pelvic floor and expamd the conventional traing on the fadvial component. learn more about the  exciting  actual fnndings of fascia research and experience how empowering a fascial orienteed pelvic floor training  can be.

Who’s Teaching?
Divo G. Müller
Divo is a pioneer in innovative movement programs, author of several books, numerous articles and DVDs. As a core member of an international group of sport scientists, fitness coaches and movement therapists, around the Fascia Research Group Germany (Robert Schleip PhD), she translates the new findings of fascia research into specific training  programs for the connective tissues: ‚Fascial Fitness’ (FF) and the Fascial Pelvic Floor Training (FPT). Divo is the director of the Somatics Academy Munich and offers presentations and trainings in her Studio Bodybliss in Munich and all around the world.

This Level 1 course is an invitation to health practitioners, movement teachers, osteopaths,
physiotherapists and Fitness coaches, who would like to strengthen their know how and competence
through expanding the conventional training approach of the pelvic floor with the fascial component.


PRICE: 549,00 EUR + VAT 22% 

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